Our Truths

The Open Umbrella Collective is a pro-choice Asheville-based organization that provides free services to individuals considering abortion care services. It was founded by pro-choice doulas and reproductive justice activists. The project is a volunteer led and run organization that trains and manages its own doula base.


We believe each person’s unique pregnancy experience should be respected and supported. Our work as doulas fosters a culture that values individuals, families, and the strength we find in community. We offer support regardless of the pregnancy outcome. We believe the pregnant person is the expert in their own process.


Our values are based on wanting the following things for all pregnant people:

  • Access to support, fabulous health care and reliable information
  • Trust in their decisions and the ability to carry out these decisions in a safe environment
  • The honoring of experiences and memories of those experiences.
  • Privacy and confidentiality

We also value respect, protection and privacy of clinics, hospitals, organizations, and individuals who work with pregnant people.


We provide pregnant people seeking abortions:

  • Support post-procedure
  • Confidential services
  • On-call availability
  • Resources and comprehensive information, if desired

We DO NOT provide:

  • Medical services
  • Medical advice
  • Financial assistance for the abortion or birth.

Please contact us for more info regarding any of the above services! We are happy to speak with you about your situation.

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