How to Choose a Mississippi Divorce Lawyer

Mississippi divorces can be done by non-lawyers who represent themselves. However, this is only going to be the proper approach when the parties are both happy with their divorce agreement and have no outstanding issues to resolve. But if there are outstanding problems with property division, child support and custody issues or spousal support concerns, then it is best to get the advice of a Mississippi divorce lawyer.
Because divorce laws are so complex , it is just not feasible to expect the average person (especially one with no real-world experience in family court) to understand and apply the laws to a real Mississippi divorce case. For that reason, all litigants involved or who may become involved in a divorce should consult with a licensed Mississippi divorce attorney in their city or county.

First, start making a master list of family law attorneys in your area that try divorce cases. While there are multiple sources for finding Mississippi divorce attorneys, it is very easy to use online databases to run your search. In the Resources section below, there are links to two legal sites – FindLaw and StateLawyers. In FindLaw, all you do is pick your city or county to find local attorneys. In StateLawyers, click on your county and then select “Divorce” on the next page to find contact information for lawyers in your county.

Other places you could look include the Yellow Pages or Mississippi county bar associations. These associations usually have some kind of lawyer directory or referral service. Finally, you can just ask any local lawyer or friend or relative who has been divorced for a recommendation.

Now that you have a master list, you need to make preparations before arranging consultations. These preparations consist of collecting the following kinds of information: property acquired before marriage of both spouses, property acquired after marriage of both spouses, past and current income and education of both spouses, and any issues related to child support or child custody. You can then discuss these issues at the consultations.

Sit down with each lawyer and see if he or she is attentive to your needs. Some lawyers frankly are only interested in making money and don’t deserve your business. If you do decide that you need a Mississippi divorce lawyer, select one only after discussing your full financial situation and ability to pay. The reason for this is that some divorce attorney and law firms can easily accumulate many thousands of dollars in legal bills if you don’t keep control and have an airtight written contract for the representation agreement. Get everything in writing to protect your rights.…